Press Release 22th October 2014

KWST enters into a strategic partnership with Mitsubishi

Kraul & Wilkening u. Stelling GmbH (KWST), a Hannover-based manufacturer of ethanol with a long-standing tradition, has joined into a strategic partnership with global operating conglomerate Mitsubishi Corporation (MC). By taking on Mitsubishi Corp. as a minority shareholder, KWST has transformed the previous existing cooperation in the area of Ethanol- procurement into a long-term strategic alliance.

The new alliance enables the still largely family-owned KWST GmbH to expand its position on the international ethanol-distribution market. It offers KWST a strong base and supports the company’s ongoing growth strategy in the area of global-integrated sourcing of ethanol and for tapping new markets. Thereby KWST can guaranty high-quality ethanol at a fair market price for its European partners.

Executive Director Ludz Wilkening said: „In order to continue our business-model and at the same time remain one of the leading suppliers of ethanol in Germany and Europe we need strong and reliable partners. With Mitsubishi Corporation we have found the ideal partner for KWST and are pleased to integrate MC in our ownership structure.”

The board of directors of KWST and the existing shareholders are confident that the new, global operating partner will support the creation of a sustainable base for the long-term future of the company as well as promote its continuous development.



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