Ethanol for the food industry

We have been delivering agricultural alcohol to the spirits industry for over 150 years. We offer grade 410 neutral alcohol absolutely neutral, with or without a raw materials certificate, produced from grain or sugar beets/sugarcane. For special requirements, we offer grade 430, neutral alcohol extra fine with a defined specification of raw materials. Also for manufacturers of vinegar, baked goods, or other foods, as well as extractors, we offer grades of ethanol exactly tailored to the special requirements.

We can offer references from suppliers and manufacturers of:

  • Spirits such as vodka
  • Vinegar
  • Baked goods

Your advantage

In the food sector, depending upon the order situation and seasonal fluctuations, and also in cases of special needs, we can offer a very rapid deliveries. Our products are constantly analyzed in our own specialist laboratory and the findings are documented. For technical questions or uncertainties concerning the customs regulations or similar issues, we would be happy to assist you. For all products, you can receive a certificate of origin from us. Upon request, you will also receive a Kosher certificate for food production.

We offer the following products in this range:



Alcohol level


Ethanol, neutral, azeotropic, Surfin quality

min. 96,0 %vol.


Ethanol, neutral, azeotropic, Surfin quality, extra fine

min. 96,0 %vol.