Mineral oil

In the year 2004, KWST was the first supplier of bioethanol in Germany. In the following years, KWST established itself as a company that manufactures, processes, and warehouses bioethanol. Today, we deliver bioethanol to the fuel industry and offer as a service, the storage, transshipment and refinement of bioethanol. As a founding member of ISCC, KWST is certified according to the standard. In cooperation with its subsidiary KWST Bioethanol Rockstedt GmbH, KWST will soon be producing and selling bioethanol derived from waste materials.

Your advantage

Our customers in the petroleum industry benefit from our experience and tradition. In particular, we are grateful for our Mittelland Canal connection and the large tank farm for our great independence, enabling maximum supply safety for our customers. Thanks to the special emphasis we place on sustainability and production, we can offer our petroleum industry customers state-of-the-art and innovative services at a good price and in doing so, be long-term reliable partner.